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Carnelian Carved Tassel Pendant

Carnelian Carved Tassel Pendant

  • $ 45.00

Necklace Length: 25"L; Pendant Length: 10.5"L. Pendant Size 70mm.

Major Beads: 19x16mm oval faceted crystals, 4mm faceted crystal, Jade.

Description: Modern glittering beads combined with Asian antique pendant, creating a noticeable contrast. A striking pendant of deep brown colors, exquisitely hand-carved in swirling Asian motifs with trending tassels.
The type of carving of the pendant may be different from the one shown, each is unique and is a conversation piece.
The pendant has a lobster clasp and it can be detached and attached to be worn as a accessory.
Toggle clasp is pewter.

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